Hello, I'm Bos Eriko

A blogger, a programmer and a website designer.

What's up?

Contact me at mail@boseriko.com

Hi there! My name is Bos Eriko. I'm a website designer & developer based in the Philippines. I have keen eye for details and I'm also very patient when it comes to checking the minor mistakes of my work.

I’ve been developing and designing websites for over three years now. I’ve learned a lot; from HTML to simple scripts in Python. I’m willing to learn anything and everything that is related to it because it is a very fun profession.

I’m very much willing to be hired and learn new stuffs if I’m not doing anything so feel free to contact me.


I post my latest finished projects on Behance. If you want to see my past works you can visit my profile there.


Dribbble is where I post teasers and sneak peeks of my projects. Feel free to check them out!


I write random codes on CodePen for fun. Please visit my profile there and tell me what you think about my creations.


Check my GitHub page out if you're interested to see what kinds of programs I make.

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